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April 5, 2019
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Website Redesign
January 13, 2020
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Designing a Website for Sports and Fitness Clubs

Designing a website for sports can be a complex procedure that needs to take into consideration a number of important factors.  Many of these factors will be exclusive to your specific business requirements


Your club will influence your website requirements.  For example, the needs of a Yoga Studio, will contrast meaningfully from a weight training gym, aesthetically as well as backend functionality requirements.  Both of these may require member management; although a booking system would be more relevant to Yoga.

With regards to the look and feel of your website, it must take into consideration your target audience.  Demographics will vary depending upon the sport club or business you operate in, factors that you need to consider and discuss with your marketing and web design agency could include age, gender, interests & goals.


Visually stunning photos will form an extremely important part of your website design. If you do not have any professional photography, this is something you should discuss with your web agency of choice.  They can either work with you to source relevant images, or help you with the photoshoot.  Do not use poor quality or irrelevant imagery, this will detract from your website and lead to a poor conversion rate. In addition, make sure you have the rights to use these images on your website.  

Website for Sports objectives

Your website objectives will form a fundamental part of the web design process, and will need to be ascertained ideally before you contact a web agency or build your own site.  What are the goals for your website?  Some pointers are outlined below:

  • Promote events
  • Book classes
  • Lead generation
  • Encourage registrations and membership
  • Gain marketing information
  • Educate your visitors
  • Sell products

Providing this information to the web design company will influence how the website is designed to help achieve these goals.


The responsibilities of the web design company are to produce a engaging, user-friendly and impressive website experience that influences your visitors and converts them into paying customers. There are a vast majority of sport related websites out there, research them through Google, get ideas from the top-ranking sites.  Look at your club and gather what they are offering, how they are promoting their website and which elements catch your eye.  All this information will help you gain an understanding of how you will want your website to function and arm you with information when you are ready for the web design process.

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