Xtreme Auto Accessories

December 30, 2020
Wedding Invitation
Wedding Invitation
July 3, 2020
Xtreme Auto Accessories
  • TaskTo design a shopfront which was user friendly whilst driving traffic and move up on the rankings.

About Xtreme Auto Accessories

Xtreme Auto Accessories is UK's & Ireland's Leading Distributors of Quality Car Parts, Car & Van Accessories. Xtreme Auto Accessories is your first Stop for Car Paints, Car Parts & Auto Accessories. We have been actively selling Car Accessories Online since 2003, & have been in the Automotive Business Since 1967. 

The Challenge

To provide a top quality ecommerce website which looked modern and engaging whilst making it easy for users to find their complex range of product in a simple and user friendly manner.

Drive Traffic to the website which will result in more conversions and sales.

Our Approach

A series of UX & UI workshops were setup in which we included a select list of key customers and these were focused on the target audience. All information from the workshops was distilled and included in the final solution.

Using an agile project management process for development we managed to work with the client to provide a solution that focused on the requirements drawn out in the UX sessions. The solution was built in Shopify, being the number 1 ecommerce platform on the market.

Our goal was to create a large website for Xtreme Auto Accessories which was optimised for speed and performance. Being such a large website we manage to optimise the website to its best possible performance which will decrease bounce rate and increase rankings

Our main objective was to drive traffic to the website and compete with other competitors. As you can see from the graph above ( yellow spot), Before - is highlighting 6months before we started the project were xtreme auto accessories were falling behind and now significantly growing and way ahead of some really big competitors. The bigger the circle the more traffic coming to the website.

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